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Title : You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly / Unexpected You / My Husband Got A FamilyGenre : family
Episode : TBA
Director : Kim Hyung Suk
Screenwriter : Park Ji Eun (Queen of Housewives, Queen of Reversals)
Broadcast station : KBS2, every Saturday & Sunday 20:50
Airing dates : 2012-Feb-25
Kim Nam Joo plays Hong Yun Hee, an ambitious career woman who meets and falls in love with a perfect doctor , Bang Gwi Nam (played by Yoo Joon Sang), and then the two marry.
Bang Gwi Nam is an orphan who then adopted. He’s a great general surgeon who graduated from prestigious John Hopkins Medical University. He has good looks, romantic and humorous personality. He looks perfect at first sight but sometimes he shows small slips here and there but that’s also his attractiveness.
After the couple marry, the real marriage life shocks Hong Yun Hee, moreover her interaction with her odd in-laws.
CastKim Nam Joo as Cha Yoon Hee
Yoo Joon Sang as Bang Gwi Nam
Yoon Yeo Jung as Uhm Chung Ae
Jang Yong as Bang Jang So
Kang Min Hyuk as Cha Se Gwang
Lee Bon as Bang Il Sook
Jo Yoon Hee as Bang Yi Sook
Oh Yeon Seo as Bang Mal Sook
Kim Sang Ho as Bang Jung Bae
Kim Won Joon as Yoon Bin
Yoo Ji In
Yang Hee Kyung
Nah Young Hee
Kim Young Ran
Kang Boo Ja
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